Stage Two

Results from the start of Stage 2 on Monday 13th August up until the final session today (29th August)


Workout A

Front squat to push press: 22lbs barbell -> 33lb barbell

Step ups: 38.5lb barbell/10 inch step -> 45lb barbell/10inch step

Dumbbell one point row: 11lb dumbbell -> 13lb dumbbell

Static lunge, rear foot elevated: 11lb dumbbell (each hand)/6 inch step -> 13lb dumbbell (each hand)/6 inch step

Push up: Lowest level on rack -> 3 on floor, 10 kneeling on floor

Plank: 30 seconds -> 60 seconds

Cable horizontal woodchop: 17.5lb -> 32.5lb


Workout B

Deadlift: 72.5lb barbell -> 100lb barbbell

Bulgarian split squat: 11lb plate -> 13lb plate

Underhand grip lat pulldown: 55lbs -> 75lbs

Reverse lunge from box with forward reach: 11lb dumbbell (each hand)/10 inch box -> 13lb dumbbel/10 inch box

Swiss ball crunch: 6.6lb medicine ball on chest -> 9lb medicine ball long arm

Reverse crunch: hard -> still hard

Lateral flexion: wtf ->srsly

Prone cobra: 60 seconds -> 60 seconds


So far as weight loss…

2lbs lost this stage and 2% body fat…need to check measurements and will take photo’s end of this week


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