Stage Three

Results from the start of Stage 3 on Monday 3rd Sept up until the final session today (19th Sept)

Workout A

One armed dumbbell snatch: 13.2lbs (6kg) dumbbell -> 17.6lb (8kg) kettlebell

Dumbbell single leg Romanian deadlift: 13.2lbs (6kg) dumbbell -> 19.8lb (9kg) dumbbell

Barbell bent over row: 27.5lb (12.5kg) barbell -> 55lb (25kg) barbell

Goblet squat: 13.2lbs (6kg) dumbbell -> 22.04lb (10kg) dumbbell

Dumbbell incline bench press: 13.2lbs (6kg) dumbbell -> 17.6lb (8kg) dumbbell

Plank: 45 sec -> 45 sec

Prone jackknife: 18 ->20 – ball is now lower down legs and much easier

– did goblet squats rather than dumbbell single arm overhead squats and not doing lateral flexions and prone cobras….just because.


Workout B

Barbbell Romanian deadlift / bent over row: 38.5lb (17.5kg) barbell -> 55lb (25kg) barbbell

Partial single leg squat: BW -> 38.5lb (17.5kg) barbbell

Wide grip lat pulldown: 70lbs -> 80lbs

Back extension (machine): 85lb -> 110lb

Dumbbell shoulder press: 8.8lb (4kg) dumbbell -> 13.2lb (6kg) dumbbell

Swiss ball crunch: 6.6lb (3kg) medicine ball x 18 reps -> 13.2lb (6kg) dumbbell x 20 reps

Reverse woodchop: 40lbs -> 50lbs

I did’nt do the body weight matrix because I have been doing C25k instead.

So far as weight loss…

2lbs lost this stage and 2% body fat…woop!


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