Stage One

Results from my very first workout on 2nd July up until the final workout of stage on today – 6th August


Workout A

Squat: 11lb dumbbells (each hand) -> 78lb barbell

Pushups: Struggling with wall pushups -> lowest level of rack

Seated rows: 35lbs -> 60lbs

Step ups: 11lb dumbbell (each hand) -> 45lb barbell

Prone Jacknife: Not able to stay on ball -> good form


Workout B

Deadlift: 45lb bar only -> 78lb barbbell

Shoulder press: 8.8lb dumbbell (each hand) -> 27.5lb barbell

Wide grip lat pulldown: 40lbs -> 60lbs

Lunge: 11lb dumbbells (each hand) -> 27.5lb barbell

Swiss ball crunch: Body weight -> 9lb medicine ball on chest


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