My story

1st March 2012

This is the start of my journey.

On 28th Feb 2012 I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I’m one of those people who for some reason went against the ‘usual symptoms’ of the condition and lost no weight (but gained none either).
Because of this diagnosis and the fact that 10 days later I was turning 30, I decided to take a long hard look at my diet and lifestyle. I had recently lost my job and had spent the time since sitting around, eating and feeling sorry for myself and my situation.
On that same day I joined Weight Watchers. For some people that may be a brilliant diet plan but for me, it just didn’t fit. I was even more grumpy, headachey and tired than I was before. In the first week of it I lost 0lbs. Absolutely nothing.
2 weeks later I discovered MyFitnessPal, 1 week after that I cancelled my Weight Watchers subscription and did a load of reading on the forums about eating more. I upped my calories and haven’t looked back since.
On 24th April I had my diagnosis of hyperthyroidism confirmed by a consultant at the hospital. On that day I was also told I shouldn’t do any exercise or anything to raise my heart rate. I started on thyroid medication to suppress my thyroid, and began researching the side effects of the medication. I was completely devastated to discover every medical study showed that I will gain weight due to the treatment.
Right there and then I decided not to become another statistic. Every Sunday I weigh in, and however little a loss it IS a loss. Every Sunday I put two fingers up at those medical studies and prove them wrong.
I dream of the day I can feel healthier in my body again. I’m so ready now to be told I can exercise again I have a gym membership set up and a load of workout clothes ready to go.
Now I just need the all clear from the hospital and I am there!

BMR = 1391
TDEE = 1921
TDEE -20% = 1536
Daily calories = 1550

(more on these numbers coming up in future posts!)


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