Frogging AKA bodging it

Definition of frogging


To frog, to rip out stitches.

A play on words which relates to a frogs croak….rippit…ribbit.



Learn something new every day, huh? Up until today I just would call it angry time. Sometimes the thing that you think will be the simplest to make ends up being the hardest. In my case today this has been some mittens. I like to write down my patten as I go so I can make them again in the future. Having a brain like a sieve really does me no favours.

I started on making a pair for myself last night using 2 strands of DK wool and a 5mm hook. I made the cuff then picked it back up today and started on the main hand part. And….after getting close to completing it I’ve realised its far too stiff and a bit too big around the cuff. Yeah I could just carry on with it but I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’ve put it down cut my losses….and started on making a smaller version and writing the pattern down as I go.


Gahhhhh! It looks like a medieval gauntlet!


Put it down, take a breath and start again

 Here are some ways of correcting boo boos in your future crochet projects….

  • Can’t fit your hook into the stitch? You could be pulling the wool too tight, loosen up the tension by possibly holding the yarn differently (AKA don’t hold on for dear life). The hook can be too small for the wool that your working with, which leads on to….
  • Always check the gauge of your crochet hook with what is recommend on the wool and the pattern.  If you are in doubt then make a quick swatch to see whether you need a smaller or larger hook
  • Button hole in the wrong place? Check this out Buttonhole
  • Piece of work shrinking? Count the number of stitches in the last row, hold up the piece and see if you can spot any holes where you have missed a stitch. Undo a row at a time until you find the error. Don’t rip all of the piece back to the start if the error is only a couple of rows away
  • Crochet clothing mistakes? Correcting crochet mistakes the easy way
  • No matter how badly you think your creation is going, take comfort in the fact that you are’nt creating some of these ‘lovely’ things What Not To Crochet

The bottom line though is that no matter what your experience is as a crocheter you will ALWAYS make mistakes. No-one is perfect, not even me (I know shocker!). Yeah, mistakes can be frustrating and I will still call them my angry times, but knowing how to fix those mistakes should hopefully make my angry time less which is better for me and my house mate.


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