Mr Tofu – free crochet pattern

I’ve recently been getting more into using Raverly as a community site rather than just somewhere to perv over other peoples marvelous crocheted creations. As part of this I joined a group dedicated to making crochet along Afghan squares and another called Nerd Wars where by each month there are 3 challenges to work towards and make something to do with the challenge subject.

One of the challenges this month is ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ so I thought…whats quick and simple to make? I know….a little ice cube. And so…. Mr Tofu was born.

I can be anything I want to be!

I can be anything I want to be!

Ok, so his name doesn’t reflect his original purpose but he can still be an ice cube. He can be anything he wants to be. There is a reason that he is no longer an ice cube but that may have to come in another post (I want to play Lego Harry Potter right now).

Long and short….

Pattern can be found here

download now

Coming up in another post (aka when I’m done with Lego Harry Potter), I have a new pattern – Mr Drippy from Ni No Kuni and will post up the Afghan squares that I’ve managed to make so far. Also the reason why Mr Tofu is no longer Mr Ice Cube (I know, I know I don’t know how you will handle the wait either)

In the mean time I’d love to see how your little Mr Tofu’s turn out!


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